Kroger Digital Coupons: Access and Activate My Kroger Deals

The online shopping craze has extended over to the realm of couponing in 2023. Merchants are offering more and more digital coupons to cut down on paper waste and mailing costs. One of the leaders in this trend is Kroger, which offers hundreds of digital coupons weekly for use across its brand of stores. But how do you utilize Kroger digital coupons?

Kroger digital coupons are accessed via the company’s loyalty program (Kroger Plus). Through a Kroger Plus account, you can register your shopper’s card online to clip through the hundreds of digital coupons offered on the Kroger website and app.

Although the process is fairly straightforward for modern couponers, it can be a bit confusing for those used to carrying a handful of clipped coupons with them to the store. So keep reading for a complete breakdown on the ins and outs of Kroger digital coupons!

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How to Access My Kroger Digital Deals?

There are several ways to access your Kroger digital deals. However, each of them will require that you have a Kroger shopper’s card, usually referred to as a Kroger Plus card.

A Kroger Plus card is the chain’s loyalty program that offers exclusive savings and coupons for members across its family of stores. Among its most popular features is its fuel points program, which allows members to accumulate points on in-store, pickup, or delivery purchases to redeem for reduced fuel prices at Kroger brand filling stations.

Acquiring a Kroger Plus card is very easy. The simplest way is to create a digital Kroger Plus card via the Kroger website. Click on “Create a Digital Account” and you will be issued a digital Kroger Plus card within minutes to help you start saving.

Kroger Digital Coupons

Getting a Kroger Plus Card for Digital Coupons

If you want a physical Kroger Plus card, there are several easy ways to make that happen.

First, simply head to the customer service counter when you get to a Kroger location and they will get you all set up. You will be able to start using your Kroger Plus card in the same shopping session.

You can also request a shopper’s card at checkout. An associate will issue a card and you can scan it to start immediately earning fuel points and accessing general cardholder benefits, but you will need to go online to register it to access your exclusive digital deals. 

Finally, most Krogrer locations still have an old-fashioned questionnaire you can fill out and mail in to request your Kroger Plus card (if that’s still your style).

Now for actually accessing your Kroger digital deals.

No matter what method you choose for acquiring your Kroger Plus card, you will need to register it on the Kroger website to start unlocking digital deals. Account creation requires a username, password, and Kroger Plus number. 

The Kroger Plus number is usually 11,12, or 13 digits. However, you can usually use your phone number (called your alternate ID), as Kroger uses the alternate ID to help people gain account benefits when they don’t have their card on them and can’t remember their unique membership number. 

Once your account is registered, you can start unlocking digital deals directly from the Kroger website. 

There are countless banners on the site, such as “Weekly Ad,” “Digital Coupons,” and “All Promotions” that can lead to major savings. Just click on the offers and load them to your Kroger Plus card before your next shopping trip to save.

You can also access Kroger digital deals via the Kroger app.

Once the app is downloaded, log in using the same credentials you used to create the account online. 

On the bottom of the app, tap the “Savings” button. This will pull up the hundreds of digital offers that can help you save at Kroger. 

After you’re in the “Savings” interface, there are two different pages you can toggle through. On the “Available” page, you will see all offers currently issued by the store. By tapping on the “Clipped” icon, you then toggle to the page that shows the deals you currently have loaded to your Kroger Plus card. 

The final way to access Kroger digital deals is through a QR code. There will be countless QR codes you can scan in-store that will direct you to a digital coupon. Occasionally, the store sends out mailers with QR codes to unlock a digital coupon. Just be sure that you are logged into the Kroger app prior to scanning the QR code to get credited for the deal.

How Do I Activate My Kroger Digital Coupons?

Activating Kroger digital coupons is very straightforward. There are 3 basic methods:

  • Kroger app – go to the “Savings” page found at the bottom of the home screen to access all of the company’s coupons and cash back offers. Digitally “clip” all of the deals in which you are interested to have them loaded to your card prior to checkout
  • Kroger website – log into your Kroger account on your computer and click “Digital Coupons.” Clip the coupons in the same way you do on the app to have them loaded to your card and mobile app
  • QR code – this is super convenient when you are shopping in a store and didn’t realize there was a digital coupon for a product you typically buy. Simply scan the QR code to pull up the digital coupon for clipping. Just be sure that you are logged into your app prior to scanning to ensure that your account is credited

Once the digital coupons are activated, they remain credited to your account until they are used, expired, or if you choose to remove them for some reason. Some digital coupons are called special digital coupons and can be used over multiple shopping trips prior to expiration without you needing to re-load them. 

How Do I Load Digital Coupons On My Phone?

Loading digital coupons to your phone requires the Kroger app. This links store offers to your Kroger Plus account.

Simply open the app, tap the “Savings” button at the bottom of the page, and “clip” the coupons you want to use to have them digitally credited to your account.

When you are in a store, you can scan a QR code with your phone that pulls up the digital coupon for you to clip. Just be sure you are logged into the app so the coupon is properly credited to your account.

Why Can I Not Sign Into My Kroger Digital Account?

There are two non-generic reasons you can’t log into your Kroger digital account:

  1. The card has not been scanned yet – if you receive a physical card from an in-store location, the card will need to be scanned once to activate it before it can be registered with a digital account
  2. The card is being used for another account – many families do their shopping together and share a Kroger Plus card. If you receive a message saying that your card has already been registered, check with a family member to see if they previously made an account, as a Kroger Plus card can only be used for a single digital account

Other than that, the reasons for a failed sign in are likely due to the typical digital issues. Check to make sure that you entered the correct information or that you have a sufficiently strong internet connection to complete a successful login. 

The Bottom Line: Kroger Digital Coupons

Kroger digital coupons can help you save hundreds of dollars at the Kroger family of stores each year. Simply apply for a Kroger Plus card, register the account online, and start clipping coupons online, via the Kroger app, or by scanning QR codes in-store!

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