Kroger Gift Cards: Buy and Check Balance

When you shop at Kroger, you have probably noticed that there are Kroger Gift Cards available. Whether or not these are promotional gift cards or not, you may be wondering how to buy and check the balance of Kroger Gift Cards. 

To purchase a Kroger Gift Card, you can physically buy one in-store or online on their website. When checking the Gift Card balance, you can call the number on the back of the card or check online.

Purchasing a Kroger Gift Card is a great idea for those that love giving great gifts. This article can give you more information about buying and checking a Gift Card balance.

Kroger Gift Card Balance Check

Checking A Kroger Gift Card Balance

Checking the balance on your Kroger Gift Card can be pretty simple. There are two ways to check Kroger gift card balance. 

  1. Check the balance by phone
  2. Check the balance of your Kroger Gift Card online

To Check your Kroger Gift Card balance:

  • Visit
  • Click on Gift Cards in the top right corner
  • Scroll down and locate the Learn More section.
  • Locate and click on Check Your Balance in blue.
  • After selecting, you will be prompted to visit another website for their Gift Card Mall.
  • Select  Go to Gift Card Mall
  • This will take you to this webpage and you will be given the option to check the balance on your Kroger Gift Card or a third-party Gift Card. 
  • Click on the Check Balance  under the Kroger Gift Card

This will take you to this website to input your card information. After you have entered your card number and the pin associated with your Kroger Gift Card, you will select Check Balance Now. 

This should take you to the information that is associated with your Gift Card where you can check your balance. 

You can also call the number provided on the back of your Kroger Gift Card.

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Buying a Kroger Gift Card

Shopping at Kroger has many positive outcomes. Not only do they have a variety of items to purchase, but they also carry Gift Cards. 

There are several ways that you can buy a Kroger Gift Card. These purchases can be done either in person for a physical card or online for both a physical and eGift Card. 

To purchase a physical Kroger Gift Card, you can simply go into any Kroger store location and pick out the Gift Card of your choosing. 

When purchasing online, you can pick out a physical card to send to someone via mail. However, you can purchase an eGift Card that can be sent to the recipient’s email.

Digital Gift Cards are sent automatically and the recipient receives them within a few minutes to a few hours. 

Types of Gift Cards Available

Like any other retail store, Kroger also has a variety of Gift Cards that can be purchased. These not only include Kroger Gift Cards but also Gift Cards to other retailers. 

Kroger Gift Cards are great because you can add the purchase to your account that goes toward fuel points. 

Gift Cards come in different types regardless of if you purchase online or in-store. The types of Gift Cards available for purchases range from restaurants to other shopping centers and can be viewed here.

Where Can I Use Kroger Gift Cards?

Deciding where you can use your Kroger Gift Card can be a little confusing. Most may think that a Kroger Gift Card has to be used at a Kroger Store regardless if it is online or in-store. 

However, a Kroger Gift Card can be used at the stores that are associated with the Kroger Family of Companies. Some of these stores include but are not limited to the following:

  • Kroger
  • Baker’s
  • Dillons
  • Food4Less
  • Fred Meyer and Fred Meyer Jewelers
  • Pay Less Supermarkets

These are just a few stores that accept a Kroger Gift Card.


When it comes to a Kroger Gift Card, you can check the balance in two ways. One is by calling the number on the back of the card and the other is by checking your balance online. 

You can check your balance by visiting the Kroger website. On the website, you can also see what Gift Cards are available for purchasing both online and in-store. 

There are several stores where you are able to use your Kroger Gift Card. You can find the information for where Kroger Gift Cards are accepted on their Terms and Conditions page. 

Whenever you purchase a gift card, you can also add the purchase to your account for fuel points.

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