Kroger Weekly Ad: This Week’s Sales Ad

Welcome to the Kroger Weekly Ad. Check out the latest week offers and deals from Kroger.

With over 2,700 grocery retail stores nationwide, Kroger Co. ranks among the highest-grossing retailers in the country.

To keep spending on groceries and household essentials within budget, Kroger’s weekly sales ad is a go-to resource for cost-conscious shoppers. So what is it exactly and how does it work?

What is Kroger Weekly Sales Ad?

Kroger’s weekly and current sales ads are weekly advertisements featuring sale items and special promotions offering deep discounts. These ads are store-specific and can be found across Kroger’s family of retail grocery brands, including Ralph’s, Food4Less, Kroger, Fry’s, and King Sooper.

Kroger Weekly Ad For Current and Next Week
Kroger Current Weekly Ad: Check All the Offers

As one of the nation’s largest operators of retail grocery stores, Kroger is a fixture in many neighborhoods. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Kroger’s weekly sales ad and why it should be a regular part of your grocery shopping regimen.

What Are Kroger Weekly Ad and Current Ads?

Kroger’s weekly and current ads are store-specific advertisements featuring sales items and special discount promotions. There are multiple ways to view these ads:

  • Printed ads are available in stores (usually placed near the entrances) to view while shopping
  • Digital versions can be found online on the various Kroger brand websites such as,, or
  • Digital ads can also be viewed through the various Kroger store apps.

Paper ads for Kroger stores have been mailed to local residents for years but the company recently announced that it would stop mailing out printed circulars. But Kroger’s weekly and current ads are still available in-store, online, and on smart devices.

What Does the Kroger Weekly Ad Contain?

Kroger’s weekly and current ads are the savvy, budget-conscious shopper’s best friend. Each week, they contain deals and discounts on food items from all grocery categories along with special promotions on household essentials.

The types of discounts and sale promotions contained in Kroger’s weekly and current ads vary from week to week but typically include selections from various departments including meat, produce, dairy, and packaged foods. Here are the types of specials you can expect to see:

  • Special sale prices for shoppers enrolled in the store’s membership program (these are free to join and enrollment can be done online or through the store’s app)
  • Store member pricing is typically indicated on the ad with a price followed by the words “with card”
  • Bundled deals offer a deeper discount if a certain quantity of mix-and-match items is purchased (e.g., save $1 per item if you buy 5 or more)
  • Digital deals promote special sale items and require a digital coupon which must be scanned or digitally clipped through the app on your phone
  • Weekly themed promotions advertise discounted prices on food items for themes that change week by week, for instance, everything you need for taco night
  • Weekly specials on Kroger’s in-house brands such as Private Selection, Simple Truth ((organic), and Kroger 
  • Seasonal items, such as outdoor furniture, toys, and home décor, are also featured periodically

Specials vary from week to week but sale items from all departments are included in every edition of Kroger’s weekly and current ads so it is a good idea to check them regularly either in-store, online, or through the app.

Which Kroger Stores Have Weekly Ads?

Kroger is the parent company for nearly two dozen businesses operating in the supermarket, multi-department store, price-impact (i.e., discount) warehouse, and marketplace segments. Of these four retail formats, Kroger is best known for grocery stores, with familiar names including:

  • Ralphs
  • Smith’s
  • Fry’s
  • King Sooper
  • Dillons
  • Metro Market
  • City Market
  • Pay Less
  • Food 4 Less
  • Pic ‘n Save

Kroger’s weekly and current sales ads are store-specific, meaning that they contain specials for a specific grocery banner. For example, the Ralphs weekly ad advertises different items and promotions than the advertisements for Smith’s or Food 4 Less.

If you need assistance finding the weekly sales ad for a local Kroger supermarket or grocery store near you, the weekly ad finder on Kroger’s website is a useful tool.

How Do You Apply Kroger Weekly Ad Discounts at Checkout?

Because free membership is required to receive advertised sales or promotional pricing, applying discounts at checkout is as easy as giving the cashier the phone number associated with your account.

If self-checkout is your preferred way to shop, you can enter your phone number on the checkout screen at any pay station.


As household budgets get tighter and prices for essentials creep higher, finding ways to save is a necessity for many families. For people who regularly shop at a neighborhood Kroger store, the weekly and current ads are effective ways to find great deals on groceries and household goods. 

Whether you prefer the printed or digital version, the Kroger weekly and current ads are vital resources for putting food on the table while keeping some money in the bank.

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